Fundación Elecnor. 10 años (2008-2018)

Letter from the chairman

As the Chairman of the Elecnor Foundation, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to our official website.

Since it was founded in 2008, the Elecnor Foundation has continued to consolidate its role as Elecnor's main corporate responsibility tool. The activities of the Foundation -ranging from providing energy and water supplies to remote villages to supporting the Spanish educational system- reflect our commitment to serving the society that inspired our creation, focusing on disadvantaged communities, and young talent in Universities and vocational training in Spain. Taking an overview of what has been achieved to date, our success so far is the best incentive for our on-going commitment to service.

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Fernando Azaola



Throughout its 60 year history, Elecnor's corporate culture has been based on responsibility and commitment, voluntarily incorporating social and environmental criteria into its business practices.

The Elecnor Foundation was another step forward for this strategy, expanding the scope of our commitment to the environment in which we operate and key aspects for society today, such as research and training.

To ensure maximum effectiveness, the Foundation's work is closely linked to Elecnor's own activities. The Foundation therefore focuses its efforts on the countries where Elecnor is active, and its projects are always related to the business lines where Elecnor is a recognised operator. Five years after its creation in 2008, the Foundation Elecnor has a clear vision of its role and a solid core of values that runs through all of its activities:

Vision Values



1. Social infrastructure

These programmes aim to improve conditions for people living in less developed areas with poor access to such basic needs as energy and drinking water. This involves development of social infrastructure, exploiting the things Elecnor understands best to the benefit of those with the greatest need.

Ilumina Project


Loma atravesada project

Dominican Republic

Sinergia Project


Solar Back-up Systems Project


Ronald McDonald House project, Madrid


Luces para aprender project


H2OME Prototype

H2OME Project


Emprendiendo y Aprendiendo en Digital


Énergie solaire pour l'Éducation Project


2. Training and research

Another of the cornerstones' of Elecnor Foundation's activities is university and vocational training in various engineering disciplines and areas. These efforts focus in particular on managing young talent, both Spanish and foreign. The objective for all our programmes, agreements and university chairs is to promote knowledge and its practical application. As with the Foundation's other activities, our training and investigation parallels that of Elecnor, enabling us to take advantage of its resources and to get involved in the areas where it is active.

Elecnor Volunteer

The Elecnor Volunteer Scheme is an initiative where talent is the best social action tool. Its aim is to ensure that the projects undertaken by the Elecnor Foundation are sustainable by encouraging the social commitment of all Elecnor employees.

The Elecnor Volunteer Scheme offers both current employees and retirees the chance to take part in the Elecnor Foundation's Social Infrastructure and Training Projects.

These are projects with the Elecnor hallmark, matching our business activities. The aim is for Elecnor employees to volunteer to contribute their time, ability and experience.

Ilumina Project


Sinergia Project


A commitment to act ethically and responsibly

The Elecnor Foundation, as the principal Corporate Responsibility tool of Elecnor, assumes and is fully committed to its principles and values, which are enshrined in the Code of Ethics of the Elecnor Group. The Elecnor Group constantly endeavours to ensure that it conducts all its activities in accordance with the highest ethical standards and adopts a zero tolerance stance towards ethical malpractice and a lack of professional integrity and expects its employees and related parties to behave in keeping with the principles of this Code, the rules on which it is based and implementing policies and procedures.

Through this Compliance System, the Elecnor Group of which the Foundation is part and each of its employees are committed to carrying out activities pursuant to prevailing legislation in the countries and regions where it operates, and to complying with and upholding human rights and employment rights, acting with diligence, professionalism, integrity, quality, respect for the environment, occupational health and safety requirements and social responsibility.


Current News

International Presence

The Elecnor Foundation gives preference to projects in countries where Elecnor is active.

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