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Ilumina Project


Elecnor has been involved in Honduras for over 30 years, which explains why this was the site of the Foundation's first social infrastructure project.

The Ilumina Project consisted of installing 124 photovoltaic systems in three schools, a fire station, the ambulance service and other community facilities and in homes in the communities of Agua Fría and Bañaderos in the village of Agua Fría, Palo Verde in the village of El Zurzular, and Quebrada Arriba in the village of Joyas del Carballo, all of which are in the municipality of Cantarranas in the Francisco Morazán Department.

The objective of the project was to provide clean and sustainable electricity to all the inhabitants of these communities in this region.

Through this project, we have contributed to improving economic development and living conditions in this community, encouraging investment by small local companies and saving the costs of lighting using fuel or wood, whilst also reducing CO2 emissions.

The Ilumina Project was inaugurated in September 2012. It has been so successful that we have proposed to the town hall of Cantarranas that it should be expanded to more homes in the area without electricity.


The Elecnor Foundation also involves the company's employees through parallel activities such as collecting books and educational toys for the 3 schools in the municipality. We have collected more than 1,300 books and 800 toys, which are now available from the libraries and leisure facilities in the two centres of the municipality.

Madrid Council works with the Elecnor Foundation on the Ilumina Project

In order to combat poverty and simultaneously promote human development in developing countries, Madrid Council and the Elecnor Foundation have signed a collaboration agreement to undertake joint cooperation projects based on technology to improve health and prevention.

In late 2012, the Council presented a proposed basic health and epidemiological training project to the Elecnor Foundation, covering the following:

  • Maternal and child health
  • Sexual and reproductive health
  • Disease prevention
  • Encouraging healthy habits
  • Public health and health information systems

The Ilumina Project has contributed to improving economic development and living conditions for the people of Cantarranas


systems in homes

systems in schools

beneficiaries (4 communities)

system at the fire station and for the ambulance service

beneficiaries (Cantarranas municipality)

The project in pictures