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Loma Atravesada

Dominican Republic

The Loma Atravesada Project is the Elecnor Foundation's first Social Infrastructure project in the Dominican Republic, where Elecnor has almost thirty years of experience and has made a considerable contribution to the development of electricity infrastructure.

The project consisted of building a 7.2 kWz, 7 km three-phase power line, with the installation of 10 and 15 kVA transformers to reduce the voltage to 120 volts, the standard consumer voltage in the Dominican Republic.

In order to ensure the system functions as effectively as possible, the project included installation of connections, meters and a basic assembly to allow people to enjoy electricity in their homes and energy for domestic appliances.

This installation has achieved significant social development by bringing electricity to the 1,400 residents of the community of Loma Atravesada, in the municipal district of Las Galeras, who previously had no electricity supply to their homes or access to electricity from the national grid.

In addition to homes, an electricity supply was also established to the church, which acts as a community centre, and the basic education school for the area, which currently has 170 pupils. This will contribute to educational development in the region, improving living conditions for local people.

The people of Loma Atravesada now have electricity in their homes and energy for their domestic appliances


homes, school and church (social centre)


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