The perfect combination
of sun and water

Sinergia Project


The Sinergia Project in Totoral, Chile, in collaboration with the country's Institute of Agricultural Development (INDAP), part of the Ministry of Agriculture, has brought water and power to this area of Chile.

Totoral has become an oasis in the Atacama desert. This is an old farming community, mainly supplied by nearby springs. It is 132 kilometres south west of the regional capital, Copiapó.

The Sinergia Project is unique as it combines water and solar energy, hence its name, Sinergia, or synergy, reflecting how these two elements can produce greater results when used together than when used on their own.

The Project consists of:

  • A 31 Kw solar power plant to supply electricity for the existing reverse osmosis plant used to supply drinking water to the town.
  • An electricity distribution grid for the town with connections and a control cabinet for each specified home.
  • A 55 Kw solar power plant to supply electricity for the irrigation pump supplying water from the community pond to the newly created watertight reservoir.
  • A distribution network for irrigation water, at a regulated pressure of 4 Kg/cm2, to each of the plot outlets, with a maximum area of 15 hectares.
  • 4 photovoltaic lighting installations in communal areas.

Through these facilities, the Project has achieved:

  • Provide clean and sustainable energy for local people, in their homes, the plaza, school, church and park, enhancing the town's living conditions and safety.
  • Increase the socio-economic development of the region, improving quality of life for local people.
  • Develop technical and administrative capabilities for the operation of the project.

Support from INDAP

INDAP reports to Chile's Ministry of Agriculture. Its objective is to support the development of small farmers through development actions to promote the creation and enhancement of human, financial and productive capital. Its ultimate goal is to contribute to eliminating poverty by improving the sustainability and competitiveness of the country's agriculture.

As part of this work, the Elecnor Foundation signed a collaboration agreement with this organisation to co-finance the Sinergia Project.

In order to guarantee the sustainability of the project, a corporate volunteer programme has been introduced to offer technical assistance and training to the local population in the maintenance of the constructed facilities.

The Sinergia Project is unique as it combines water and solar energy


photovoltaic plants

water supply network

photovoltaic light fittings

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