The Elecnor Foundation has consolidated its role as the main corporate responsibility tool for Elecnor

As the Chairman of the Elecnor Foundation, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to our official website.

Since it was founded in 2008, the Elecnor Foundation has continued to consolidate its role as Elecnor's main corporate responsibility tool. The activities of the Foundation -ranging from providing energy and water supplies to remote villages to supporting the Spanish educational system- reflect our commitment to serving the society that inspired our creation, focusing on disadvantaged communities, and young talent in Universities and vocational training in Spain. Taking an overview of what has been achieved to date, our success so far is the best incentive for our on-going commitment to service.

Over this period, the Elecnor Foundation has made a significant contribution in its two most important areas of activity: social infrastructure and training and research.

In terms of the first, we have been involved in a number of outstanding projects, such as: Ilumina, bringing electricity for the first time to poor communities in Honduras; Loma Atravesada in the Dominican Republic, installing an electricity cable connecting to the national grid; Solar Back-Up Systems, enhancing the electricity supply for six hospitals and three clinics in Ghana; the Sinergia project in Chile to bring electricity and water to the Atacama desert; developing the Luces para aprender programme in Uruguay to bring the internet and renewable energy to rural schools; and construction of the Ronald McDonald House at Madrid's Niño Jesús Children's Hospital, employing the latest energy saving and efficiency techniques.

With regard to education and training, we are continuing to support the Chair of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency, that we have established at Madrid's Polytechnic University. The main objective of this is to provide students in the University's Higher Industrial Engineering Faculty with opportunities for work experience, a pressing need in Spain's education system. We are also very proud of our involvement in vocational training in collaboration with the Colegio Salesianos Deusto in Bilbao.

These experiences clearly reflect the Elecnor Foundation's commitment to increase its involvement in the environments in which we operate. We have been guided by our belief in corporate responsibility since we were founded in 1958, and we have continued to demonstrate our firm commitment to all our stakeholders:

  • Our commitment to our customers: we are sincerely involved in their aspirations and objectives, offering our best capabilities and maximum availability.
  • Our commitment to our employees: we are committed to our internal talent and seek to maintain an attractive and motivating working environment that encourages professional development. We work to ensure that this commitment is mutual, seeking the involvement of all our staff in achieving our business objectives and encouraging their loyalty and commitment to their work.
  • Our commitment to our shareholders: our business strategy is based on sustainable development of our business model, irrespective of the stage of the economic cycle. We take a long-term view, aspiring to create value and generate confidence among our shareholders and investors.
  • Our commitment to our suppliers: we understand our relationships with our suppliers as having to be mutually satisfactory, with a long-term approach and increasing sustainability. We want to improve together, setting ourselves new challenges for quality, responsibility and efficiency.
  • Our commitment to society: our activities are closely bound to key aspects of social progress. Infrastructure, energy, water, the environment and the aerospace industry are moving our societies towards a better future, helping to combat global challenges, particularly climate change. This commitment extends to the educational field, through initiatives to promote the involvement of young people in responding to these challenges.

I would like to invite you to explore our website, which provides detailed information on our general aspirations and the specific projects we have been, continue to be and are planning to be involved in. This will allow you to appreciate the enthusiasm with which we are tackling the activities we have planned. And you will also appreciate our commitment to continuous improvement, aspiring to achieve our overarching mission: to be an effective driver of social progress and professional development in every area in which the Elecnor Group undertakes its projects.

Yours sincerely,

Fernando Azaola