Stable and high-quality electricity provided by a photovoltaic system

Énergie Solaire Pour L'Éducation Project


About the Énergie Solaire Pour L'Éducation project

The objective of this project is to consolidate the socio-educational activities of the Don Bosco Technical Institute in Ebolowa by providing reliable high-quality electricity through the installation of a solar PV system for the activities carried out at the Technical Institute, boarding school and youth club, together with the local radio and free water supply service. Through this renewable installation, the Elecnor Foundation has helped to improve the education and quality of life of at least 750 students.

The installed design consists of a 62 kWp solar array of 180 panels with 345 watts of power capacity each, able to provide 63% of the energy consumed. This array works jointly with a cluster of 48 kWn chargers capable of supplying the necessary power capacity and with batteries from 3,500 Ah to 48 V that allow up to 12 hours of autonomy – enough to last through the night.

The Foundation has been able to take its involvement in Cameroon one step further, implementing a 360º project to design and construct social infrastructure while also transferring knowledge through training and job placements. The seven students who helped to implement the project and had already completed their studies were subsequently hired by Elecnor Cameroon for the construction of a solar PV park. Being able to offer them their first job opportunity was the best reward that the Elecnor Foundation could have hoped for. The group includes the first female solar energy technician in Cameroon, Mercine Saata.

A 360º project

Énergie Solaire Pour L'Éducation is a clear example of the Elecnor Foundation's commitment to the sustainability and continuity of the projects on which it embarks.

With "SDG 7. Affordable and clean energy" at the centre of this project, the major challenges identified have been overcome thanks to a defined strategy and the tools available.

This is the contribution that makes Énergie Solaire Pour L'Education a 360º project.

Electricity problems

Power cuts or outages are becoming more and more frequent, sometimes lasting for several days. People have spent hours without electricity, experiencing serious food conservation problems, among others.

The electricity that is available is of very poor quality. Voltage spikes that damage electronic equipment and their protection systems are commonplace. Facility and equipment maintenance is a serious issue with a significant financial impact.

Salesians in Ebolowa

The Salesians of Don Bosco is a Catholic religious order working in education, specifically for disadvantaged young people. They run 83 Technical Vocational Training Centres in Africa.

The Ebolowa ITDB is a leading professional training centre in southern Cameroon with over 750 students. Young people and adolescents are able to learn a trade in a quality educational environment. It offers training in automotive mechanics, electricity, carpentry, electronic maintenance and computers.

In addition, this centre offers:

  • Boarding facilities for 53 young people from isolated areas where it is difficult to access technical or secondary education
  • A youth centre offering extracurricular, sport and cultural activities and services to more than 300 young people in the city
  • A community radio station aimed at promoting education, socio-cultural activities and development, reaching 150,000 listeners.

Electrical energy is enormously important in education






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