Bringing electricity to 90 rural schools in Uruguay

Luces para Aprender


The Elecnor Foundation and the Organization of Ibero-American States (OEI, after its Spanish name) have signed an agreement to jointly implement the Luces Para Aprender Project in Uruguay, supplying electricity to 90 rural schools in Uruguay and completing their electrification.

This Project aims to improve living and educational conditions for thousands of children in the area, providing them with a key driver of quality education, electricity.

The project consists of installing a solar power system in each of the schools, providing them with renewable, sustainable energy that respects the environment. These systems meet the internal and external lighting needs of the schools, powering technological and communications equipment, such as TVs, computers and mobile phones.

The solar-power installation consists of a generating system composed of photovoltaic panels, a battery-storage system and energy management through a voltage controller and an inverter. The system is based on square solar cells manufactured from high-efficiency mono- or polycrystalline silicon, meeting the IEC 61215 standard with class II safety.

The energy generated will light the schools for the children and provide a meeting place in the evenings. Electricity is a driver of progress, combating inequality and multiplying the opportunities available.

“All children should have the same opportunities: there is no reason why a child living in a city should have more opportunities than a child living in the country”

Claudia Ferreira.
Teacher at Los Charrecos School 110

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